Real Madrid Star Camavinga Jams To Camidoh’s Sugarcane While Chilling At The Beach

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Real Madrid star Eduardo Camavinga has been spotted in a viral Tik Tok video jamming to Camidoh’s ‘Sugarcane’ The footballer made a TikTok of himself at the beach showing his dance moves.

In the footage, he played the Ghanaian music icon’s song whiles dancing The footage has since gone viral as multiple individuals shared the video on social media praising Camidoh for the international reach of his music

Camidoh is taking Ghana to the world. His hit song ‘Sugarcane’ has gained massive international acclaim as it has topped multiple charts in Ghana and other countries.

A new video which has surfaced online testifies to how global Camidoh’s brand and his ‘ Sugarcane’ song have become.

Real Madrid star Eduardo Camavinga made a TikTok video of himself jamming to the Ghanaian musician’s song on the beach as he enjoyed his vacation.

He showed his dance steps while playing ‘Sugarcane’ in the video. Camavinga’s video had many Ghanaians thrilled to see one of their own soaring high.

Some public figures like Juliet Bawuah shared the video on Twitter praising Camidoh for soaring beyond the borders of Africa. Folks who saw the video

congratulated Camidoh on the milestone. Camidoh’s ‘Sugarcane’ has over 3 million views on Youtube and over 5 million streams on Spotify at the time of this publication.

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