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KFC takes to the sky with drone-delivered fried chicken

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… well, it’s actually both. KFC is taking to the sky with drone-delivery chicken now on the menu.

The fast-food giant is partnering with Wing in Queensland to air-drop fried chicken around Logan in a trial.

Collins Foods is a major franchisor of KFC and the company’s CEO, Drew O’Malley, said the company is meeting demand.

“The opportunity to get KFC delivered in really what’s proven to be less than half of our typical time, we think is well worth it,” Mr O’Malley told A Current Affair.

“Wing told us that KFC was the most requested brand that they had.”

Wing is pioneering drone deliveries in Australia.

Having already delivered other items in Logan and Canberra, Wing’s Jesse Suskin said drone delivery is saving time and helping to cut emissions.

“Doesn’t stop for red lights so it means we could deliver food even more quickly than any other means of delivery,” Mr Suskin said.

“They fry it, we fly it.”

At the moment the drones only carry up to 1.5 kilograms, so that famous bucket of chicken cannot be dropped into a backyard party just yet.

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